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Experience Matters - Period!

As an entity, DO Income Fund, LLC, is new. However, its principals and management have proven that for over a decade they can produce consistent results! To be clear, the highly engineered processes, technology, operational efficiency, methods, and wisdom are all carried over to this new entity! 

We are proud of our history and the confidence it instills in our investors. Below you will find a high-level overview of that track record.



  • Lender

  • Lending Partner

  • Advisor

  • Originator

  • Director of Mortgage Banking

These titles represent a breadth of work across 1500+ transactions in residential real estate.

$420MM+ Residential transaction volume


Commercial / Multifamily

  • Lender

  • Lending Partner

  • Advisor

  • Broker

  • Principal

These titles represent a breadth of work across 150+ transactions in commercial real estate.

$100MM+ Commercial transaction volume

Most recent history

Our management team has been preparing for the launch of the DO Income Fund for the last 18 months, putting into place all of the systems, processes, and team building to get the fund ready to take on investor capital requirements. In the spirit of keeping skills fresh and updated  and personal capital working, our principals continued to purchase and disposition distressed debt (NPLs) on a part-time basis.  
The numbers you see here represent the activity from the 2nd half of 2019 through 2020 while preparing to launch DO Income Fund.

most recent history.png
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